Backstage News On Dave Lagana Leaving TNA; Billy Corgan's Future

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Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan

For those wondering why Dave Lagana up and quit TNA Wrestling without mentioning Dixie Carter in his public resignation, we have more information.

Lagana took it harder than pretty much anybody that Billy Corgan wasn't getting control of TNA Wrestling. Corgan was set to clear house on most of the office except for Lagana and Lagana was going to be given more power than ever if Corgan took over. Lagana was basically Corgan's No. 1 proponent in the company.

In fact, when Dixie Carter was searching for investors to pay back the loan to Corgan so she could maintain control, we heard Lagana was approached by someone on behalf of an investment group seeking to be put in touch with Dixie and Lagana gave them the run around as he apparently, like Corgan, didn't want the loan to be repaid.

Corgan has been stunned by how things have played out and hasn't given up fighting yet, but at this point even if he does win his lawsuit, he's most likely looking at monetary damages, not being awarded the company.

Corgan is contemplating other options and whether he'd want to buy an existing company or open up something new. In either case, Lagana is the one he trusts to head up creative for him in any scenario.

So Lagana quit TNA and is sticking by Corgan's side for now.

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