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Backstage News from Fastlane and Monday Night Raw



-As we gave out Fastlane spoilers Sunday afternoon there were obviously some changes. We always like to warn that results are subject to change because there's just no way of keeping up with Vince McMahon sometimes. Looking at the timing of the show we received it makes sense that they added a few matches to the card last minute. The question is some are asking is why weren't more matches built up to round out the card?

-Roman going over Braun clean was changed at, drum roll please!, 8:40 EST. That's correct, after the PPV had already started. We will have more on the change later.

-The Sasha angle and both Women's matches were changed. The plan originally was to turn Sasha on Bayley, Sasha originally scheduled to lose and then cause dissension between herself and Bayley after accidentally costing Bayley the loss. This obvious was changed last minute, whether this is long term or not we cant say at this point but obviously it was delayed or scraped.

-When Mick Foley told Samoa Joe not to interfere with Owens match, fans were expected to put together that Owens is "Hunter's guy" and so is Joe. Expecting fans to put that together was felt to be weak.

-The Cruiserweight match was very well received live and backstage Vince hopes Neville and Austin Aries can really carry the division.

-Charlotte and Bayley had an off night lots of miss timed and blown spots.


-The boos Goldberg is receiving is not going unnoticed and officials knew it was only a matter of time before the nostalgia wore off and now its about keeping him liked before WrestleMania. For as much as WWE is paying Goldberg per date one source believes that Goldberg won't be returning after his dates are up, unless Goldberg is willing to take a pay cut per appearance.

-Gallows was praised for saving Enzo from nearly crippling himself on the overshot dive.

-We reported here first weeks ago the Raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania is set to be a Fatal 4-way for the title. However those plans may have changed, it seems they haven't made up their minds whether to scrap Nia or add her to the match. We will keep your updated as we learn more.

-Finn did not come back during Raw due to the fact that the appearance of the Undertaker was pushed from Fastlane to Raw and they did not want both returns on the same night.

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