Backstage News From Last Night's Raw, Injury Updates, Returning Star And 205 Live Update

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-Coming out of this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, there was not a lot of heat on Brie Bella after delivering kicks to the face to Liv Morgan. The kicks were viewed as an unfortunate accident backstage. The only heat received was from Ruby Riott after Brie botched a forearm spot in the corner of the ring, however, she quickly got over it. As we reported earlier, Liv was diagnosed with a concussion and periods of memory loss throughout the match.

-Sasha Banks is currently nursing an upper-back injury, and as of this writing, is not cleared to compete in the ring. Alexa Bliss, who is also not cleared to compete at the moment, should soon be back in action.

-After this week's Raw, look for The Revival to be pushed even though they lost to Ziggler and McIntyre. They opened a lot of eyes with officials, including Vince himself.

-Speaking of Ziggler and McIntyre, the plan as of now is not to have Drew break away from Dolph until later in the year. When he does, it will be a foregone conclusion that he will be pushed to the moon, which has always been the plan.

-Rey Mysterio will be returning to WWE Television much sooner than later.

-Look for WWE 205 Live to remain on Wednesday night even after Mixed Match Challenge, as WWE does not want to move it to Tuesday's only to move it again next fall. WWE likes that the crowd before Smackdown has been better for filming.

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