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Backstage News From Raw: That Cena/Reigns Promo, Why Finn and Bray is Continuing, Update on Enzo Heat and more!

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Cena shrug

-As we reported last night Xavier Woods is set for testing today on his injured knee from a house show match on Monday evening.

-Joe is already out of action with a knee injury that occurred on Saturday evening. Joe's injury is not as severe, however, he is slated to miss around a month. In addition, Joe was originally scheduled to face John Cena on Raw last night and start a program with Finn. Due to the length of the injury they went back to Finn and Bray, which originally was suppose to go into the fall but then was killed at SummerSlam.

-There are some Smackdown stars having travel issues due to hurricane Harvey.

-Enzo was ridiculed by officials backstage for blowing several simple spots in his match. Again, folks this is not going to end well for Enzo. This isn't a personal statement, it's a professional one.

-WWE's "plan" was trying to get sympathy on Roman, needless to say that did not work and while the whole promo was scripted Cena came off so much more like the mega-star he is. WWE is in desperate need to build another Superstar and hasn't been able to create a mega-star since John Cena.

-Speaking of John, he has been delaying some minor procedures for several months now as he was waiting to film Transformers, he has been working banged up for a long time.

-Brock is scheduled to be off until the go home show for No Mercy.

-Authors of Pain are scheduled to debut tonight on Smackdown as of this weekend. Plans always change but last we checked the green light was still in place.

-With the Revival out due to injury, and the Hardys inability to use the Broken gimmick, the tag team situation on Raw is going to begin to be sour and look for another team to be added to raw possibly during another superstar shakeup.

-From a merchandise stand point, Finn and AJ have both sold near the top over the last few weeks and it has opened the eyes that were not already opened.

Zack Reacts: I'm going to touch on two piece of news here:

1) I understand that Joe is out for the next month and that really sucks, but doing Bray vs. Finn AGAIN is just plan idiotic. They've already had their climax with Demon Balor winning at SummerSlam. The feud wasn't great to begin with and extending it instead of putting Finn into a rivalry with someone new is a real head-scratcher to me. 

2) Now, for most questionable piece in here. Why the hell would WWE think that Cena destroying Roman on the mic would build sympathy for Reigns?! That blows my mind. Roman is supposed to come off as a Samoan badass and they thought the fans would get behind Roman if Cena roasted him? The fans didn't get behind Cena in his feud with the Rock when they talked about part timers and they're not going to get behind Reigns here. All they did last night is make John look like he's still the best of the best, and make Roman look like he can't keep up. Roman seemed more natural when he was getting pissed, but the hole was already dug. Now fans are rallying behind Cena because he's saying all the things fans have been thinking for years now. "It's a promo, son, if you wanna be the top dog, you need to be able to cut one." Holy hell. That was the nail in the coffin for Roman during that segment. I don't know what WWE is going to do to course correct here, but they need to do it fast and they need to make sure it's going to work. 

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