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Backstage News From WWE Raw - You Won't Believe Who Was Behind The Matching Ring Gear Of Mysterio & Sin Cara (Plus Why Rey Is Working In A Shirt), Heat On Tensai After Match With Ryback, Details On The Rising Stock Of Two Midcarders & What They Did That G

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Richard's Backstage Blog

- Believe it or not, I'm told the idea to have Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara wear matching ring gear was one of none other than Paul Heyman. His thinking was it would make them look more like a team. As for Rey working in a shirt, Vince McMahon feels his stomach and abs "look like crap."

- Tensai got a tremendous amount of backstage heat after not helping Ryback lift him on the go-home to their match.

- Damien Sandow got "major props" backstage for his work at this week's show and I'm told a lot of eyes were opened that he was the one that carried Sheamus through their match. Company officials were reportedly concerned about Sheamus getting blown up early.

- I'm told Antonio Cesaro was booked with a clean impressive win over Brodus Clay to make him look more legitimate as WWE United States Champion. His finisher on Clay got rave reviews.

- Vince McMahon will speak with John Cena this week to nail down his status for WWE Hell in a Cell. Ryback is the backup plan to face CM Punk for the WWE Championship and was way over on Raw. I'm told while Ryback is beginning to turn the corner, many feel he is still not ready for such a push but his supporters are growing. The plan is to officially announce the Raw main event for the pay-per-view next week.

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