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Backstage News On Gabe Sapolsky's Future With WWN & WWE

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WWE continues to develop their relationship with PROGRESS Wrestling and is pleased with how the US events turned out, but WWE's close ties with PROGRESS have come at the expense of another company WWE was previously working closely with, the World Wrestling Network (which owns EVOLVE and other brands).

Despite being an investor in FLO Sports, WWE was caught very off guard by the five year deal announced last year between FLO Sports and WWN to launch the FLO Slam service. Ever since then, WWE has given WWN the cold shoulder and began assisting PROGRESS in ways they'd been previously helping WWN.

FLO Slam has not been a success and seeing the writing on the wall, WWN Vice President Gabe Sapolsky has been trying to get a full time job with WWE. Sapolsky is close with Paul Heyman and Heyman was able to get Sapolsky part time work as an NXT consultant, but Heyman is pushing for Sapolsky to be hired full time. WWE is waiting to see how Sapolsky's trial run as a consultant turns out before committing to anything more extensive.

The loss of Sapolsky would be crippling to WWN, which WWE realizes and is part of their interest in Sapolsky. Heyman's influence in WWE comes and goes, but right now he is seen favorably by the McMahons and WWE's paranoia that Brock Lesnar might leave the company after WrestleMania has resulted in Heyman being treated far better by both Vince and Stephanie than he was a few months ago. Heyman has pushed for years for Sapolsky to be hired, but Heyman now has more pull than he had before.


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