Backstage News Including The Royal Rumble Championship Match, A Heel Turn in the Works, Who Vince Is High Up On and More!

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-It seems to be like we are beating the same drum again and again, however, WWE still does not have a set plan for who Brock Lesnar will be wrestling at Royal Rumble. There is a thought now that they could go back to the original plan of Finn Balor facing Lesnar. They'd have Finn in the demon paint come back and destroy Kane, but that is just one idea pitched now. That's doesn't even include if Vince is behind Balor vs. Lesnar or not. It just shows that WWE is more willing to get behind Balor in general, so take it with a grain of salt.

-The possibility of Hideo Itami being added to the Cruiserweight title match is high as they want to debut him strongly and have discussed adding him to that match.

-Vince, who was never a Sami backer, may have changed his tune lately. Right now he's loving Sami's heel character.

-Those who watched Smackdown saw WWE continue to drop little hints that Daniel Bryan will turn heel to save Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The plan is to have Daniel turn heel and save Owens and Zayn at Clash of Champions.

-As of this writing WWE has no plans on AJ dropping the WWE title back to Jinder Mahal.

Zack Reacts:

-WWE needs to get an idea NOW of who is going to be challenging Lesnar at the Royal Rumble so that they can start a legitimate build for the match. WWE needs to be better with their long term booking. 

-I will agree with Vince, I'm loving Sami's heel character.

-I'm glad the plan isn't to put the title back on Mahal, he should settle into the midcard. He should challenge for the US title next. Good spot for him, especially if he wants to run with the anti-American gimmick. 

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