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Backstage News On Jinder Mahal As Champion, Chris Jericho's Cruise

Jinder Mahal

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We have a ton of news and speculation regarding the whole AJ Styles/Jinder Mahal title match coming up on Tuesday night's Smackdown Live.

Originally, it was announced that Rusev would face AJ Styles on the upcoming episode of Smackdown Live with the winner of the match being added to the Smackdown Survior Series team. This was changed late on Wednesday to AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal for the WWE Title.

There is a great deal of speculation behind these recent events, Here is what we know and have written about previously: Originally, Styles and Mahal was planned for the Smackdown PPV in December and possibly a rematch at Royal Rumble in January. The plan was for Mahal to hold the title at least until the Rumble but the possibility was that he also could also hang onto it until Wrestlemania.

A month ago, we covered the fact that Mahal has issues with his shoulder. He has denied these claims for whatever reason yet Dave Meltzer also confirmed our story on the injury.

So why is this match happening this week? While we do not have a concrete answer for you yet, we do have some theories:

This could be just setting up Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attacking AJ Styles to start a storyline involving a rift in the Smackdown locker room. The issue with that idea, however, is the fact the they changed a match and storyline mid-week and could have ran that interference angle with the originally scheduled match of Rusev and AJ Styles and not involve Mahal at all.

Did Vince McMahon finally change his mind on the Jinder Mahal push? This is quite possible but with the tour of India coming up in December, it's unlikely that they would pull the plug with so much invested into it.

Is Jinder hurt worse than the company originally believed? That very well could be but he has been working the UK tour.

The last item of note is that the Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal promotional material for Survivor Series has been pulled from publication in several outlets.

The Young Bucks were added to Chris Jericho's cruise should all but confirm that the Kenny Omega/Chris Jericho match/Twitter war will see its climax on the boat; however, that is not confirmed.

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