Backstage News On Major Changes To Wrestlemania 33 Weekend

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Wrestlemania 33

We have more details on WWE NXT TakeOver and the Hall of Fame switching days for the shows over Wrestlemania 33 weekend in Orlando next year. It's been reported the shows were switched because NXT is going to be in the same building as Raw (Amway Center) and they didn't want to have to set the building up for NXT, then switch the set up the next day for HOF, just to then switch back for Raw.

But there's more to the story because the reason NXT is in Amway Center to begin with is because of issues with the building WWE and the city of Orlando wanted NXT in originally. NXT was going to be in Orlando City Stadium, which is still in the process of being built and will be the home of Orlando's Major League Soccer team. With the Orlando area being NXT's home, Triple H loved the idea of NXT being in a stadium for the first time, although since it's a Major League Soccer stadium, capacity is 25,000. But Triple H loved the idea and the city of Orlando was excited about the attention it would bring to their new venue.

The venue was actually supposed to open this year for Orlando City Soccer Club to play in at some point during their season, but opening was pushed back to 2017.

In theory, the stadium will open at the beginning of March for the 2017 soccer season, which would mean it would be ready later in the month for NXT, but Orlando officials are getting nervous that the stadium may not be ready for the start of the MLS season and the team may have to play their first several games at Camping World Stadium until switching to the new stadium.

It's going to be a close call as to whether it's ready in March or April and when the city of Orlando voiced their concerns to WWE, the decision was made to just switch NXT to Amway Center (another city owned building, as is Camping World Stadium) because WWE didn't want to risk having to make the switch on short notice. Better to not take the risk and just announce the switch ASAP as obviously fans are traveling from all over the world to attend.

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