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Backstage News On Major WWE Push Coming & What “Sunk” This Star Previously

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Things couldn’t be going better for Ryback right now after returning from a strained groin and two sports hernias. We reported in last week’s Backstage Raw News that he was well-received backstage and seemed to have a different demeanor than he had before.

Expounding on that report, we’re told both Vince McMahon and Triple H have been really happy with Ryback’s return and the crowd’s response to him. Ryback has been “going out of his way” to be a good solider and work on the perceived attitude problems that sunk him previously.

One thing that company officials are continually monitoring are the dreaded “Goldberg” chants. We’re told one of the reasons Vince soured on Ryback previously is that he hated the Goldberg chants.

Since Ryback’s return, they’ve been trying to put him in more competitive matches. The thinking is if they have him start killing enhancement talent again, the Goldberg chants are more likely to catch back on.

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