Backstage News: News and Notes From Raw, A New Possible Blockbuster Match For WrestleMania, Who Is Vince Currently High Up On

Wrestlemania 33

-Once again Jimmy Jacobs and Paul Heyman wrote the Goldberg/Owens promo as that duo seems to work well on getting a strong delivery from Goldberg.

-The Oscars rib was something Vince wanted and that's why we saw it in the New Day promo.

-They sent Bayley out early to save Charlotte's promo as the references were falling off the tracks.

-The Seth Rollins in ring promo was not well received backstage from the start prior to Hunter coming out. Some notes on the Rollins current situation, besides his rehab, he is meeting with the specialist every other week to check his progress. As of now, they think he will make WrestleMania however they are leaving themselves multiple outs. This includes more of a call out and brawl than a match if Seth is limited. Obviously, they will do the match if Seth is ready to go. Finn is the likely replacement if Seth cannot go in any fashion.

-Right now the plan, if Seth Rollins is healthy enough to be on the card, is for Finn Balor to take on Samoa Joe at WrestleMania.

-The current plan is to transition Austin Aries as the face of the Cruiserweight Divison and the plan is for him to win the Crusierweight Championship in a match at WrestleMania. There is word it might be a multi-man match. Some rumors have the Cruiserweight Championship being defended in a ladder match instead of the Intercontinental Championship as tradition has been the last several years.

-As first report by us here at, Beth Phoenix was officially announced for the WWE Hall of Fame. Her husband Edge is working on a second addition of the Edge and Christian show with a bit of a spin.

-Sami Zayn was a little shaken up backstage from his dive off the stage coming down hard and knocking the wind out of himself. He is fine but was iced down when he got to the back. He has been told before to tone back the style a little bit, but Sami is considered one of the better storytellers in the business.

-Officials including Vince all high on Samoa Joe right now they feel his mic work is so much better than they expected and he has a big star, big fight feel to him.

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