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Backstage News On Big E Langston, Who He Reminds Vince McMahon Of & What WWE Thought Of His Debut; Big Slammy Snub & One Favorite Not Mentioned In The Locker Room, Planned Title Change Scrapped From Raw?, One Midcarder That Is Very High On The WWE Radar

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- Big E Langston doesn't typically work as a heel and the feeling was he was "off a little bit" with his facials on this week's Raw. One insider familiar with Langston tells us his ring work is not going to blow anyone away but it should be a little better than most newcomers. One of the things stressed to him is to play his character with a lot of aggression as he lacks height which could become problematic in making him feel like a big man. We're told he reminds Vince McMahon of Bobby Lashley although we're not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

- There was no mention of Daniel Bryan "cleaning up" with three Slammy awards and CM Punk being robbed of "Superstar of the Year" backstage. We're told Punk's new t-shirt is already the number one selling shirt and was created as a mock shirt of The Rock to capitalize on Royal Rumble build.

- We're told the original Raw script had Dolph Ziggler successfully "cashing in" his Money in the Bank briefcase although my source feels it was put there to see if it would leak. Vince McMahon was adamant all day for writers and producers to capitalize on momentum from the pay-per-view and a title change was suggested more than once.

- As was evident on this week's Raw, Antonio Cesaro is so high on the company radar they wouldn't put him under to Ryback.

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