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Backstage News On Jericho vs. Omega and How Vince Feels


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Chris Jericho challenging Kenny Omega to a match at the Tokyo Dome on January 4 may have caught many fans off guard, but WWE has been aware for several weeks that Jericho would be working with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Jericho has spoken publicly about his desire to partner with NXT for his Rock 'N Wrestling Rager at Sea cruise next October, but that Triple H turned him down. Friction between Triple H and Jericho goes back many years and is nothing new. However, it's Vince McMahon that began to grow disenchanted with Jericho during his most recent run with WWE,
feeling that Jericho had taken for granted the freedom McMahon had allowed him, essentially coming and going as he pleased on short term deals.

While Triple H didn't like the idea of NXT being a part of the cruise, he did bring the idea to McMahon, who ended up being adamantly against it. So much so that he insisted WWE no longer allow Jericho's short term deals because he felt Jericho's insistence on doing the cruise with or without WWE was an act of disloyalty.

The main event of the cruise is scheduled to be a rematch between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, who would meet at Wrestle Kingdom on January 4 and then wrestle again, this time at sea, in late October. WWE already plans to aggressively pursue Omega when his NJPW contract expires, but with things getting personal between Jericho and WWE, knowing it would not only damage NJPW, but also ruin the main event of the cruise has made WWE that much more interested in Omega.

Zack Reacts: Honestly, at this point WWE needs Jericho more than Jericho needs WWE. It seems absurd to me that Vince is upset that Jericho is doing things in his "off time" from WWE. It's especially mind numbing that Vince sees Jericho as being "disloyal" considering all those times Jericho would "come and go" he'd come back to put talent over, usually younger or newer talent over.

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