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Backstage News On Mick Foley Returning To WWE - Why It Took So Long To Get The Deal Done, Problems With Triple H, How One WWE Legend Went Directly To Vince McMahon Over It & More

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I heard the word going around prior to last night's WWE Vengeance pay-per-view was that Mick Foley has signed with WWE. When Foley left TNA Impact Wrestling several months ago he figured getting back on with WWE would be easy. It didn't end up working out as quickly as he expected.

Sources with knowledge of Foley's latest deal tell me that one of the things that slowed his return to WWE was the influence of Triple H. Hunter now has much more influence on who is hired under his new executive position. Triple H has reportedly "had it out" for Foley going back to the late 90's. Apparently the issues aren't anything personal, just the fact that Hunter feels Foley doesn't look like a star and definitely shouldn't be a top guy.

On the other hand, I'm told The Rock has always been very pro-Mick Foley and all these years later he actually played a role in Foley's return. Triple H wasn't outright blocking Foley's return but one of my sources feels he was enjoying making Foley sweat. With the way Foley left TNA, Hunter didn't see that he had an option to go elsewhere and didn't see any reason to rush a WWE contract offer. The Rock ended up finding out about it and went directly to Vince McMahon. It's believed The Rock requested Foley be brought back which is why he is in the plans for 11/14 Raw Supershow (the go-home to Survivor Series) that will also feature The Rock.

I'm told The Rock even went as far as pitching Foley for his team at Survivor Series and had Vince McMahon's approval but apparently there are issues with Mick Foley's schedule on that day.

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