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Backstage News On Outcomes For Fastlane

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We are getting some early news for what's set for Fastlane as of right now. Remember, in WWE things can change even during the actual show. It can all boil down to a few last minute decisions from Vince McMahon. Nothing is set in stone, but here's what we're hearing as of this writing:

-Neville is set to retain against Jack Gallagher. No word on if it'll be clean or dirty.

-Nia is set to go over Sasha again in a match with a surprising amount of time. Less than the Women's Championship match but still a good chunk of time.

-Gallows and Anderson are going over Enzo and Cass.

-Charlotte is set to go over Bayley and win back the Women's Championship. The match is set to be a fairly long one.

-Braun is set to go over Roman in a match that'll be given a decent amount of time. The ending we're hearing has the Undertaker coming out to either cause a distraction or a direct interference, costing Roman the match. This will start the build to WrestleMania between Roman and Undertaker.

-Samoa Joe is set to go over Sami in a match with a good amount of time allotted for it. This is good news for Sami fans is that, while he won't be going over, he will be made to look good by holding his own against Joe. Even though Joe is "new" to the scene, WWE acknowledges that he already has a "big fight feel" to him. There is an interesting twist that will have fans interested, though. The word going around is that Joe might continue with a post-match beating and Finn Balor will come out to make the save. There is a chance they'll push this back to Raw tomorrow, but it seems WWE is confident Rollins will make WrestleMania in some capacity, which frees up Balor to face Joe at WrestleMania.

-Bad news for Owens fans, Goldberg is set to go over Owens fairly quickly. Not "Brock Lesnar" fast, but still pretty quickly. WWE still has concerns about Goldberg wrestling a full match, even though the feeling is Owens could get a good match out of him if WWE wanted it. Vince also doesn't want to "give away the farm" with Goldberg here, he wants to save his full potential for WrestleMania.

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