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WWE not using ‘The Fiend’ or the Firefly Funhouse on this week’s Raw or Smackdown Live was their attempt at showing restraint for the character and trying to keep him special, with fans wanting more and more. Everyone within WWE thought ‘The Fiend’ debuting at SummerSlam was an overall success. Bray’s entrance has only been out-viewed by Edge returning to spear Elias. While WWE has not booked anything long term, they do have an outlook on this much further than most angles and ideas, and it has been planned out well in advance. ‘The Fiend’ merchandise has already been a huge seller for WWE with his box set and two other items selling out and going on backorder in hours. 

WWE is continuing to run into obstacles with the timing of a NXT move to live television. As discussed before, it would be a daunting task to pull this all off by the  first week of October. Venue will be and is one of the biggest issues for not only WWE but AEW as well. As many cities as the companies would like to run weekly simply do not have a 4-6k area. For those asking, Full Sail University also has a very challenging schedule for booking, so even if it came down to just running weekly tv there, many feel the show will not come off big across television. Let’s not forgot that investors and many in the stock market segment will not see a WWE developmental company. They will see it as a Wednesday Night WWE show. This is also acting as that fine line for WWE as the live two hour show would have to be a brand and not a developmental system. The moving parts in this story are incredible and it will be interesting to see how and if WWE can pull this off by October or if this becomes a later launch as we have speculated before. 

It should come to no surprise that AEW is attempting to get a Mount Rushmore style pro wrestling star for week one of tv. Tony Khan has been very relentless in trying to make this happen and many names were discussed or even talked with previously have been locked up by WWE in one way or another. Tony will and the AEW team will try to get the biggest star and stars they can for tv. 

The AAA MSG show is absolutely up in the air at this point. Advance ticket sales are poor and little announced for the show. In addition to this, legal and visa work issues are also becoming a problem. 

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