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Backstage News On The Future Of WWE Developmental; Who Made The Call To Nix The TV Deal, Details On A Top WWE Name Triple H Is Nudging Out, Which WWE Exec Is Being Blamed For FCW Failures, Content WWE Considers Crucial For The WWE Network To Be Able To La

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There continues to be a lot of news regarding WWE developmental. I'm told Triple H has been going back and forth on whether to completely pull all support of Florida Championship Wrestling or to include it in some way in a revamped developmental system.

A lot of what's going has to do with the slow process of nudging John Laurinaitis out of his spot as Head of Talent Relations. For those unfamiliar, I'm told the relationship between Hunter and Laurinaitis is "rocky" at best. As for Laurinaitis' future, he could end up a sole on-screen talent or perhaps moved into a new role as an agent. Regardless, my source reports a lot of the failures of FCW have been blamed on Laurinaitis as he was the one that pushed for the company to setup shop in Tampa and played a large role in Steve Keirn being selected to run it.

As for WWE nixing their deal with the Brighthouse Network to carry FCW programming, there are a lot of concepts being thrown around right now for developmental TV. Triple H made the call to go ahead and cancel the show on Brighthouse and figure out what they want to do. I'm told Hunter hated the presentation and production of the show and considered it to be an embarrassment to the company and wanted it off the air quickly, even if new plans were not yet in place.

There has been a lot of talk of moving WWE developmental television to the WWE Network, feeling like the network could use as much new wrestling content as it can get, especially because the company feels the current product is what is going to get fans to call the most to request their provider carry the network. There isn't much feeling like the various reality shows or tapes of old promotions will be the type of thing that gets the fanbase to call their providers to complain, but that shows like WWE Superstars, WWE NXT, or other new wrestling programming is what there will be the most demand for.

Finally, WWE wast caught off guard by word leaking about FCW's status and is still scrambling to do some damage control while future plans for developmental are still worked out.

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