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Backstage News On The Long-Term Vitality Of TNA Wrestling

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TNA Wrestling

I heard something recently regarding the long-term vitality of TNA Wrestling. One of the things I always tell people when they bring up the possibility of TNA "going out of business" is that they will exist as long as Panda Energy, their parent company, continues to support them. Well, there is actually some good news on that front.

I'm being told that Viacom, the parent company of Spike TV and Bellator MMA, loves the TNA brand and would consider buying the company should that opportunity ever arise. Now, let me be clear. My source cautioned no one is suggesting TNA is for sale and we can confirm that no talks of this sort have taken place, but it's interesting that Viacom likes TNA to the point where they would entertain the possibility of bankrolling them.

One of the things Viacom is very happy with is the rub TNA has been able to give Bellator and they like the idea of co-promoting the companies on their television network.

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