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Backstage News On The New Day; How Vince Feels About Their Current Spot

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The New Day

Vince McMahon has complained about the writers not coming up with something better for The New Day to do at WrestleMania besides host the show. New Day merchandise is still selling well, but not at the level it was selling at when they were Tag Team champions. Vince has expressed some regret over taking the titles off of them before WrestleMania.

They dropped the belts because at the time, Vince had made the decision that Enzo and Cass would win the titles at WrestleMania and he didn't want the New Day feuding with Enzo and Cass. But now it's left New Day with nothing to do.

This problem was avoidable and stems back to the 2016 Draft. Originally, New Day and Enzo & Cass were slated to be drafted to different shows. For the express purpose of both teams being able to be in the championship picture without having to face each other. Ultimately, Vince called an audible at the last minute and decided both acts were a priority and needed to be on the "A" show, but the end result has been a messy situation where the New Day has been put on the back burner, which Vince isn't happy about.

It's still early and there hasn't been too much discussion internally about who will be drafted where in the next Draft, but New Day to SmackDown and AJ Styles to Raw are two switches that Vince has brought up on multiple occasions.

Zack Reacts: This is the problem when booking isn't planned out more long term. I understand that can be difficult especially with injuries and whatnot, but there needs to be more thought in booking decisions. New Day bring in some of the highest numbers when it comes to selling merchandise, there's no excuse for not having a long term plan for them and there is no excuse for them not to have a match at WrestleMania. They'll do a great job hosting, but being lost in the shuffle is a complete waste of some of your biggest assets. There is still time to give them more to do, so it will be interesting to see if WWE tries to course correct before WrestleMania. 

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