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Backstage News on the Paige Leak and What Legendary Wrestler Might Be Affected By It

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WWE is understandably freaking out about the Paige situation internally. Not just because of the movie they're making with The Rock that is inspired by her, but because there is so much worry about what else could leak in the future. Paige has had "romantic" relationships with over a dozen current and former WWE superstars, including guys that are married and guys that are scheduled for major WrestleMania main events.

There are over 50 videos that could potentially leak in the future showing Paige and others in very compromising situations. WWE is currently working with law enforcement to track down those responsible in hopes of preventing more leaks, but they haven't fully ascertained yet just how much material has been compromised.

The situation is obviously embarrassing and humiliating for those involved, but so far, the biggest star featured is Xavier Woods. This becomes a far more damaging ordeal if videos or photos leak of Paige with talent much higher on the card.

For privacy reasons, we shouldn't name names in terms of who might wind up in future videos as WWE is doing everything possible to try to protect those people and prevent the videos from leaking. But needless to say, with WrestleMania around the corner, the timing of potential leaks could be catastrophic.

While there has been on and off talks with Hulk Hogan about a surprise appearance at WrestleMania, right now, Vince is leaning against it. Triple H is against it as well. Common for Vince and Triple H to butt heads, but they're unified right now that it's too soon to bring back Hogan.

Something that doesn't help Hogan's cause is that with the Paige sex tapes leaking, and more sex tapes leak possible at any point in the coming weeks, Vince and Triple H both feel it's an even worse time to bring back Hogan, which will inevitably lead to stories covering his sex tape saga. WWE tries to be family programming, it's their biggest show of the year, and the last thing they need is more sex tape talk that can be avoided by not working with him right now.

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