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Backstage News On The Title Picture In TNA - The Original Plan Going Into Bound For Glory & How Plans Changed To Get The Head Scratching Finish, Plus You Won't Believe Who Hogan & Bischoff Want The Belt On & More On Their Increase In Power

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Without question the most-talked about thing amongst fans and people within TNA Impact Wrestling has been the title picture involving Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode and James Storm. The "Internet marks" as Hogan and Bischoff like to call them, aren't the only people "scratching their heads" over what has been going on. I'm told with Bruce Pritchard taking over the book, Hogan and Bischoff have put even more focus on making sure they control the main event picture. One observer said they do not really care much beyond that (which has been their mentality all the way back to their days together in WCW).

There was a "very solid" plan going into Bound For Glory last month for Roode to go over Kurt Angle for the TNA Championship with Storm ending up getting jealous and turning on him to setup a title program between the tag team. However, the weekend of the show, Hogan and Bischoff felt the plan was all wrong and that Storm needed to be the babyface. This caused Pritchard to re-book a lot of stuff on very short notice.

I'm told Hogan and Bischoff have also made it very clear they still see Jeff Hardy as the babyface that should be "carrying the company" and the title should ultimately end up on him. Some feel like because the Roode push wasn't their idea and they'd rather Hardy as the top babyface, they decided to have Roode turn heel. At this point no one is in a position to argue with Hogan and Bischoff because they have more influence now than any other period during their tenure with the company.

It's believed the increase of power has come from the fact Bob Carter has been ill over the last few months and Janice has had to assume more responsibility than ever before. While this could be coincidental, some people certainly feel there is a connection.

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