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Backstage News On TNA Wrestling's Future On US Television - Is A New Deal Close To Being Announced?

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Impact Wrestling 2015

TNA Wrestling is still figuring out the logistics of taping television in India. Sources have indicated the talent roster is going to be restless until the tour is officially announced as some workers have had to turn down bookings for that week (end of November/beginning of December). This is the type of thing if it were to fall through, it could end up costing talent a paycheck.

If TNA is able to get TV production sorted out, it looks like the tour of India will happen. A lot of indies avoid Thanksgiving and also don't like to run late in December, so between the India shows and the travel back and forth, those are two really busy weekends the wrestlers can't take bookings for right now on the hopes that this tour comes through.

Talent have been told that the company is very close to signing a new US TV deal, although a name of a network hasn't been given. In theory, the show would start on the new network the first week of February and TNA is hoping to have the deal announced sometime in November. Right now, Impact is safe on Destination America through January 2016.

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