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Backstage News On WWE Announcing The Wrestlemania XXIX Main Event One Year In Advance - The Latest On The Major Name WWE Is Trying To Secure For The Bout, Two WWE Legends As Possible Opponents, Vince McMahon's Difference Of Opinion From Others In WWE, Mor

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Richard's Backstage Blog

While chatting with one of my sources yesterday about WWE negotiating "around the clock" with Brock Lesnar for a possible Wrestlemania 28 appearance tomorrow night, my source elaborated on the thinking behind announcing Wrestlemania main events one year in advance.

One of the reasons Vince McMahon wanted to announce The Rock vs. John Cena so far in advance last year was to cover just in case Rock had a change of heart. When he originally returned to the company to guest host Wrestlemania XXVII last year, he was fairly certain he was finished in the ring. When his position began to change, a deal was quickly worked up and the match was immediately announced. The feeling was by announcing the match on live TV, not only could they keep The Rock from de-comitting but they could build the match for a full year, generating more hype than ever before.

I'm told some people in WWE feel like announcing the match so far in advance has caused it to lose some of its luster, however, McMahon feels like it was a great idea and wants to announce next year's main event one year in advance for the same purposes. However, McMahon wants to make sure Lesnar is under contract before any type of announcement is made. As we originally reported here on Premium on January 31st, there was a plan pitched to do The Undertaker vs. Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXIX, however, as noted yesterday, The Rock has emerged as a possible opponent.

My source told me yesterday that with The Rock agreeing to take part in Wrestlemania next year and the possibility of Undertaker competing again, both will want to face Lesnar. At this point it will come down to Undertaker's availability as well as McMahon's direction on the match that could take place. I haven't heard a new update today on Lesnar/WWE negotiations but McMahon really wants a deal done so a match can either be announced at the pay-per-view tomorrow or on Monday's Raw Supershow.

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