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Backstage News On The WWE Creative Shakeup - Who Made The Decision To Go With Eric Pankowski, The Surprising WWE Executive That Offered Little To No Input, Why Triple H Believes Raw's Ratings Won't Go Up

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I spoke with one of my sources regarding the creative changes in WWE and was told the change was pretty "cut and dry" and nothing was "sneaky" or "outrageous." Basically ratings were down and it was time to make a change; Stephanie McMahon trusts Eric Pankowski thus he was given the position of Senior Vice President of Creative Writing.

My source says it's amazing Brian Gewirtz lasted as long as he did and just about everyone said he was a marked man in terms of being in danger to be replaced. The ratings decline during his tenure was an obvious indicator change was needed and while it isn't believe Pankowski will do much better, most don't see how he can do worse.

The most interesting aspect in the creative changes was how little input Triple H had. Those close to him say he realizes the ratings are going to continue to struggle with Raw's 3 hour format and rather than champion a new writer who ultimately ends up failing as well, he figured it was smart to sit this one out. Vince McMahon and Stephanie were the ones deciding replacements and Hunter was largely mum on the subject.

I'm told every move Hunter is making right now has to do with "planting seeds" for the future and he is in no rush. One observer says it really doesn't matter who is head of creative right now because it's believed Hunter will replace them when he takes over anyway. This is also why so much of his focus right now is on developmental because he is much more concerned with how he plans to shape the product in 3-5 years than what is going on now.

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