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Details On WWE's Two Biggest Stars Forming An Alliance Backstage & How They Went To Vince McMahon In An Attempt To Nudge Randy Orton Out Of The Company; Who They Are & Extensive Details On McMahon's Mindset & Current Reasoning For Wanting To Bring Orton B

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One of the biggest stories we are currently following is the behind-the-scenes drama involving John Cena and CM Punk trying to nudge Randy Orton out of WWE. So far, their efforts have been unsuccessful with Vince McMahon planning to bring Orton back to the main event scene as soon as his suspension expires.

According to a source with knowledge of McMahon's mindset, his reasoning is two fold. First, with the talent pool as thin as it is right now, McMahon feels it's worth taking the risk of getting behind Orton in a major way again even though he'll be terminated if there are any more Wellness issues. Second, even though Vince isn't normally concerned about TNA, his attitude is different now due to the litigation against WWE and the last thing he wants to do right now is hand TNA a top tier talent on a silver platter.

The most interesting elements in all of this though are the political maneuvers that have been taking place with Cena and Punk. The two of them have become very close over the last year, with Punk feeling like Cena went out of his way to help make him and Cena feeling like Punk is a hard worker and a reliable guy who can help shoulder the burden of carrying the company.

In addition to the mutual respect that has grown between Cena and Punk, both have a mutual dislike for Orton. The feeling is Orton is a prima donna who not only mistreats those beneath him, but is also erratic and unreliable. They both went to Vince to plead their case that Orton was not needed anymore and that Punk could carry the Smackdown brand and the two of them could carry the company. Ultimately Vince didn't go along with it but it did lead to Punk working Smackdown live events while Orton is out.

We'll still be following the story as it's certainly interesting that while the plan is to bring Orton back, Cena and Punk have essentially formed an alliance and are actively seeking to push Orton out of the company. Given the added drama, McMahon has even more difficult ego juggling on his hands. While Vince views Orton as a bigger star than Punk, Cena is still the golden boy. Also, while Orton has a lot of enemies backstage and Cena is generally well-liked, a lot of guys view Punk as an opinionated jerk and don't like the idea of him gaining more stroke and influence due to his friendship with Cena.

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