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Original Plans For Raw, What's Next For CM Punk & Paul Heyman, Have We Seen The Last Of Sin Cara In WWE & More On His Injury, Why Ricardo Rodriguez Was Paired With RVD, Full Details On Del Rio/McIntyre Bar Fight, WWE Babyface Turn, Criticism Over Final Ra

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Backstage news & notes from Monday Night Raw in Anaheim...

- We're told the opening segment of this week's show ran long. One of the original plans was for Daniel Bryan to size up all the security guards and pick the biggest one and attack him until being pulled off. This was scrapped before the show went live.

- There is talk of pairing CM Punk with Daniel Bryan to feud with Triple H and Randy Orton. Under this scenario, Punk would do a worked shoot promo with Bryan about where they came from and how Punk had to threaten to quit before getting a push. He would focus on Hunter "holding guys down" and how they aren't the model WWE guys and now they're treating Bryan how they treated him. We're told under this scenario, Paul Heyman would realign with Punk because the only thing they hate more than each other is the McMahons. Another proposed plan is to align Bryan with Shawn Michaels, like we've written about before.

- Sin Cara dislocated and possibly broke his ring finger in his match against Alberto Del Rio on Monday Night Raw. We're told Del Rio was upset about Cara having the referee stop the match and that Cara was greeted with flak from backstage for quitting on that type of injury. One source said the heat is so hot on Cara, they wouldn't be shocked if this is the last we see of him in a WWE ring.

- We're told the pairing of Ricardo Rodriguez with Rob Van Dam was "super last minute" because Rey Mysterio wasn't ready to come back. With that being said, they're moving forward with RVD vs. Alberto Del Rio.

- Speaking of Del Rio, he was involved in bar fight over SummerSlam weekend that happened some time close to last call. Del Rio was out with Drew McIntyre when a group of guys said something derogatory to a woman that McIntyre was with. Del Rio stepped in and got hit with something, so McIntyre retaliated and beat one of the guys up. Meanwhile, Del Rio got worked over pretty good by another individual. No charges were filed but both Del Rio and McIntyre showed up for SummerSlam looking terrible and they had to put a lot of makeup on Del Rio. We're told this is also why Del Rio bled quickly from his nose.

- The babyface turn of The Prime Time Players was due to Darren Young coming out and it's how WWE is handling the mainstream media attention in storylines.

- The final segment of this week's Monday Night Raw was criticized by many backstage. One observer said it "lacked wrestling logic," because when there is a protagonist and an antagonist, it's supposed to look like the protagonist has a chance. When there are four antagonists that control everything, the logic of how fans are supposed to buy it is out the window.

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