Why Daniel Bryan Turned On Bray Wyatt & What Influenced WWE To Do It On Raw; Backstage Response, Wrestlemania Plans For CM Punk, Vince McMahon Sours On Former Top Star, Show Bonuses/WWE Network

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Backstage news and notes from Monday Night Raw in Providence, Rhode Island…

- The script for this week's show was finalized on Monday morning and not touched after Vince McMahon gave it the final approval.

- Daniel Bryan wasn't originally scheduled to turn on Bray Wyatt until Wrestlemania XXX. However, the decision was made over the weekend to turn him because WWE didn't want to miss their opportunity. We're told what happened at the Michigan State University game last week provided the company further proof they needed to be taking full advantage of the Daniel Bryan character. Also, as I've been reporting, Bryan isn't being blamed for the SummerSlam debacle last August.

- As for the response to Daniel Bryan on this week's show, it was compared to CM Punk's "pipe bomb promo" in 2011.

- The new plan does have CM Punk vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania XXX, as we suspected after the tease made in the backstage segment with Kane. Speaking of Punk, he was thanked for being patient and this is being seen as a "main event opportunity" for him at the biggest show of the year.

- Ryback "getting heat" from all three commentators, including Jerry Lawer'selevator joke, was a directive from Vince McMahon. Ryback's bizarre weekend on Twitter did nothing to improve his declining stock within the company. In addition to being seen as someone that is eccentric, we're told any time he's given an opportunity, he gets a big head and his ego ruins it. We're told Vince has officially soured on him.

- As for Vince McMahon addressing how show bonuses would be impacted by the forthcoming WWE Network, I wasn't given any information. There were rumors swirling the planned meeting had been canceled but this will be a topic the company will have to address with their talent roster.

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