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Backstage News On The WWE Creative Team & Producers Being Against Raw Supershow's Expansion Plans & How Things Got So Heated That Two Writers Nearly Quit The Company; Who Made The Call & One Of The Reasons For The Show Going Three Hours

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Richard's Backstage Blog

Not everyone is pleased with the news of WWE Raw Supershowexpanding to three hours effective July 23rd. I'm told the company couldn't have picked a worse to go expand due to lack of top talent with many workers feeling the talent pool just isn't what it used to be.

The feeling from one of my sources is the writers are burned out and the product is in a state of monotony right now. Many of the producers were against the move although I'm told this came straight from Vince McMahon who saw it as a way to increase ad revenue by over $10 million a year.

My source feels this move continues to highlight a divide backstage where no one is looking out for the long-term health of the product or for one another. Things reportedly got so heated when staff members were informed, two writers were close to quitting the company.

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