Backstage News Regarding Royal Rumble and Future Plans, Rousey's Photog In Hot Water


The plan as of six weeks ago was for Shinsuke Nakamura to win the Royal Rumble match all along and we saw those plans come to fruition on Sunday night. However, during the week an alternate plan was leaked, which was to have Finn Balor win the rumble and challenge AJ Styles. How close was this to becoming a possibility? Well, WWE even announced on Sunday morning that the winner of the Royal Rumble could challenge either champion. This was pushed due to the fact that it was never mentioned during the build-up to the show. WWE stuck to their original plan however and went with Nakamura. In something that made little sense (and this was due to the shake up in the card, which we will get into in a moment) Nakamura was asked after the Rumble match about which champion he would choose to face at Wrestlemania. This made little sense because the Universal Title match had not even occurred yet so he wasn't able to even identify both choices yet.

This was a simple error due to the fact the orginal plan was to have the Men's Rumble match after the Universal Title match and when the switch was made the segment with Nakamura picking his championship opponent was not cut out.

Ronda Rousey's personal photographer was in attendance at NXT on Saturday and at the Royal Rumble on the following night, which isn't the major story here. The news here is that WWE is already upset with him for sending out tweets and images of Philadelphia all weekend. To really put the icing on the cake, he sent out a tweet asking for drug hook-ups, which WWE was obviously not thrilled about either.

Bobby Lashley, who WWE signed over the weekend was not brought in for the Rumble match because, as I was told, they do not want him losing in any capacity right now.

Maybe the most well-kept secret of Rumble weekend was the appearance of Rey Mysterio as only a handful of people knew about him doing the Royal Rumble match. What does the future hold for Rey? Well, he and WWE were negotiating a deal over the past week and making plans for the future. One thought was that in order to completely revamp and fix 205 Live would be to make Rey the star of the show and give him limited working dates. However, there are other officials in the company that would like Rey to have a bigger role on RAW or Smackdown Live instead.

There is talk regarding Shane Helms being brought in as the General Manager of 205 Live but that decision has not been finalized as there is another option they are toying with as well.

The plan as of now is for Charlotte Flair to face Ronda Rousey and Asuka to face Alexa Bliss respectively at Wrestlemania. The belief is that this way WWE gets a very high-profile opponent for Ronda who can help her in the ring and also so that Asuka can stay on RAW and be undefeated. I'm told another reason for this is that it is easier for Ronda to travel on Tuesdays for Smackdown Live and wrap up other projects over the next month on the weekends.

As an additional note, another Wrestlemania match that has been discussed as a possibility is for Rousey to team up with a male superstar to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a tag team match.

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