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Backstage News: Ring Of Honor Title Change Coming Soon

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Dalton Castle

WNW's Own Thomas Fenton Reports

With Dalton Castle still banged with a bad hand and neck the plan now is going to be to take the title off of him.

Spoiler below

The current plan is for Cody to win the ROH championship at best in the world on June 29th in Baltimore Maryland. It was debated for weeks after Dalton was injured or how long he would be out for and if it would require surgery, that said there is much more to this. ROH feels Cody truly helped elevate their brand and would like to continue riding the wave of the success and attention the ALL IN show is getting.

This would then set up a Champion vs. Champion match at ALL IN with ROH champion Cody vs. NWA champion Nick Aldis.

While the date can obviously always change, this is the plan and direction that the company is going in.

It would also not shock me at all if the Young Bucks and Marty Scrull captured the 6man titles prior to ALL IN. They are the current NJPW never open weight 6 man champions, however again with all the star power and eyes on ALL IN any company ROH no exception will want to have their respected titles shown on the show. While I'm not stating the 6 man titles will be defended on the show as a matter of personal opinion I highly debut that the booking of ALL IN will have the Buck and Marty in the same match as they will want the talents being showcased individually.

Thomas's Take:
I understand completely why a company would want their respective championships showcased on the ALL IN show. With the exception of the late WCW no other company in North America outside of WWE has drawn this many fans to a show and will have the publicity of such a major event. A collection of the top talent in the world not contractually obligated elsewhere like never seen before would make any brands titles feel that much more important.
As far as moving the belt off of Dalton, I felt it should have happened at Supercard of Honor and I was highly critical of the match order on Supercard of Honor with Dalton retaining. That being said I do understand from Ring of Honors perspective that Marty losses a lot in NJPW and they did not want their world champion going into The Best Of The Super Juniors and losing 4 plus matches. While ROH and NJPW have a great relationship NJPW is booked so far in advance that during the time of an ROH title change last minute it does not give NJPW enough time to rebook storylines that are "in stone" months and months out. Cody can be much more protected in NJPW as he does not work near the dates Marty does there. I do agree that Cody made the ROH title feel very special and at a different level than Dalton, now that is nothing against Dalton or the act he has been able to utilize or carry in ROH. The fact is Cody just as much star power and drawing power worldwide.

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