Backstage News On Ryback's Main Event Push Prepared For Launch; Exclusive Details On Who Tried To Talk Vince McMahon Out Of What Was Seen On Raw, Another Proposed Backup Plan If John Cena Can't Go, Possible Survivor Series Opponent For Brock Lesnar & Wher

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Well we told you it was about to happen and here we are as Vince McMahon has the rocket pack strapped to Ryback and is ready to launch it. I can confirm speculation that Ryback is Vince's backup plan if John Cena is unable to go at WWE Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship against CM Punk.

There are tons of problems with this scenario. As of this writing the plan is to do Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble barring an injury to Punk. Punk cannot go under or over Ryback because the company doesn't want to end Ryback's win streak nor do they want him to win the WWE Championship from Punk. However, Vince feels the plan offers them a chance to do a solid buyrate.

I'm told many of the higher-ups tried to tell Vince not to rush Ryback and it's not the right time. It was also stressed there isn't enough time to build him for a gimmick match on a B-level show. Vince reportedly has an out plan if he had to go with Punk vs. Ryback and would have Brock Lesnar interfere and program the two against one another at Survivor Series. Obviously this would create another painful creative situation that has no desirable outcome (Ryback's win streak vs. Lesnar's credibility).

Triple H is said to be against pushing Ryback right now and actually tried to talk Vince out of it on Monday. While Hunter feels Ryback may be a big star down the line there is no point in doing it now. However, Vince is said to be in panic mode and has gone against everyone on pushing Ryback up the food chain. I'm told Hunter wanted to use Big Show as a backup plan to Cena and not worry about the buyrate since Hell in a Cell is just one B-level show.

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