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Backstage News on TNA Being Raided, Finn Balor's Spot, and Broken Hardys

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Finn Balor & Triple H

- In what some are calling a recent TNA raid by WWE, others just call it TNA "not locking up talent." There are some more names on the way. As we broke the news last week Crazzy Steve is on the way, as well as we reported over WrestleMania weekend Maria and Bennett were headed to WWE. Some news broke Gunner was on WWE's radar however a deal was not finalized. The biggest name that WWE is going after still is Magnus. While I don't have contract information at this point all I can say is both sides are very interested.

- The dumpster was heavily gimmicked and lined with wrestling mats to prevent injury similar to 17 years ago with Funk being damaged from a much higher bump.

- Finn is in a holding spot at this moment on Raw and this is due to his next feud being with Bray Wyatt and Bray still finishing up the program with Orton. The green light is still on Finn; fans are just going to have to be patient.

- WWE would like to have the Broken Hardys' deal with Anthem wrapped up by the end of this week so that they can move forward quickly. As we stated a while ago WWE will not give Anthem any royalties and it will be a 'one lump sum' deal.

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