Backstage News On Top WWE Star's Contract Negotiations

Brock Lesnar Unviversal Champion

As reported here, WWE'sWrestleMania plans have been in a holding pattern pending on negotiations with The Rock and the domino effect it would have on the card if he is brought in as Ronda Rousey's tag team partner at the show.

While WWE views it as a 50/50 situation and they're willing to hold off on solidifying other plans until the situation is sorted out, Vince McMahon has told those close to him that he does not think Brock Lesnar will be returning after WrestleMania and post-WrestleMania plans should be made with the assumption that Brock will be gone.

McMahon is frustrated that Lesnar has been unwilling to budge at all in negotiations, feeling he has enough leverage with the threat of leaving for UFC. He also feels like he shouldn't have to take a pay cut. WWE feels Lesnar's huge salary for so few appearances no longer makes any sense. They've asked him to take a pay cut in the 30% range.

During the course of the talks, WWE has budged and is asking for a 25% cut and has even hinted they would consider only a 20% if that would get the deal done. Brock's position is that he won't budge by even a penny.

WWE could always cave, but right now both sides believe they will soon be parting ways.

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