Backstage News On Two Surprising WWE Departures

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One story we’ve been following is the mysterious departures of The Dudley Boyz from WWE. Both Bubba Ray and Devon had been offered extensions in July 2016 that were agreed to in principle, however, the deals were never actually signed and the extensions were later rescinded.

In a WNW HD Exclusive, I noted there was some concern regarding one of the students that had been trained by The Dudley Boyz that was caught up in domestic violence allegations by Jade from TNA Wrestling. For those that don’t know the story, at the beginning of August, Jade went public about an ex-boyfriend who is also a wrestler that used to abuse her. In the story, covered by The Huffington Post, she specifically stated this:

“His trainer, even some of our mutual friends thought I was exaggerating and making it up. When I filed the order of protection, his trainer tried to talk me out of it. He said that I was hurting my ex’s career because I have a bigger name.”

While Jade didn’t mention names, the ex-boyfriend in question was trained by The Dudley Boyz. WWE was worried people would connect the dots and somehow The Dudleys would get brought into the whole thing. Now, before I go further, I cannot confirm who Jade was talking about when she said ‘his trainer,’ I can only confirm WWE was nervous The Dudleyz were going to get dragged into a nasty domestic violence story at a time when they had just withdrew interest from Moose over a 2009 domestic violence issue and demoted Jerry Lawler over a domestic violence arrest. Let’s also not forget Adam Rose was outright terminated.

But according to a source, WWE decided not to re-sign The Dudleyz while the story was still making rounds. There was no heat on either one of them and Bubba has already been told they may look to bring him back at some point. As we reported previously on Wrestling News World Premium, they were all set to give him a big push as a singles star with a gimmick similar to the Bully Ray gimmick he portrayed in TNA.

There isn’t as much interest in Devon and while they were going to re-sign both in July, it’s not a given Devon will also get a shot on down the line.

TNA is interested in both of them but Bubba knows if he goes back to TNA, it greatly reduces the chances of a WWE return. Devon isn’t as optimistic about a return and sources believe he would rather the two of them go back to TNA.

They're getting up there in age though and ever since Bubba was headlining TNA with the Bully Ray schtick, he's had it in his mind that he really wanted a chance to see if he could hang as a singles in WWE before he calls it a career. If he does end up taking the TNA offer, he may be shutting the door on ever getting that chance.


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