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-In recent years Vince has had an "I don't like managers" stance. Recently, not only has Vince changed his stance on managers he is on a heavy manager/spokesperson kick. While most knew AOP on the main roster needed a mouthpiece it is still questionable to have Drake pull double duty and heel on one show and face on another. We can also add Lio Rush into the plan as over creative meetings this past weekend it was brought up to have Rush paired with Bobby Lashley. It feels out of left field, but we all know how Vince is with his kicks. In addition to this, R-Truth with Carmella is a double shot of this new manager kick as well as mixed match challenge. However, it does not stop here as you can look further into the real life and on-screen relationships of Brie and Bryan as well as Miz and Maryse. 

-Look for Shawn Michaels to be added as the special guest referee for Undertaker vs. Triple H at Super Showdown. Locally this is this advertised for the show. It's very likely this won't be a one and done for HBK, but it will play further into a storyline. While I still have some personal doubt on a one on one return match with Shawn vs. The Undertaker, I would not rule out a tag team with DX vs. Taker and a partner at the Sudi show. With the amount of money coming in and the list of breathing talent Sudi wants Shawn was on the list. 

Zack Reacts- Honestly, I have been a big advocate for Shawn staying retired. As much as I'd love a dream match against Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, etc etc. I think he should stay retired. That said, the ONLY match I'd be ok with seeing Shawn return for would be Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels Part III at WrestleMania. Here is why, with the streak broken it would allow a more question in people's mind of"Can Shawn do it now that the streak isn't on the line." In my booking scenario, Undertaker goes over still but announces before WrestleMania that this will be his last match no matter what. It keeps Shawn's last match as a match with Taker at WrestleMania, it keeps his last defeat at the hands of the Undertaker, and it allows Taker to pick up one final win before finally riding off into the sunset.

Thomas's Take: If Shawn comes back to work a tag match, I would not stop there. If you are throwing the retirement angle out the window, then I would expect Shawn could possibly be working Wrestlemania next year as well. In the past, Shawn has not only worried about his in-ring ability but going back on the retirement angle. I personally would go with Bryan vs. Shawn, toss in the trainer built in story and Shawn can work with someone you can have a great match with and protect him.

-Many stars are concerned not about being cut, but losing more on screen time. In the past WWE has done a large and small round of cuts to trim the main roster, however nowadays WWE would rather just keep the talent under contract instead and just not use the talent on tv or minimally. This is stemming from the fact that there is slated to be many NXT call-ups in 

Zack Reacts- Before the fear from talent was being cut, now with the indy scene starting to boom again, the fear is that they'll be put on the shelf to gather dust. People take for granted that though a wrestler might not perform at a show, talent has to still travel. Imagine the strenuous life these wrestlers live with none of the glory, satisfaction, or money that they receive performing.

-As we have previously discussed one of the plans is to have Rey Mysterio to feud with Nakamura on Smackdown when he returns. With all things, this could change, however, I'm told his re-debut immanent and we should not be shocked to see Rey as early as Sunday or Tuesday.

-Smackdown 1000, is continuing to grow the list of talent, WWE feels they need to make this just as special as what RAW anniversary type was. WWE has already reached out to The Rock to appear on the show in addition to Edge, Undertaker, and John Cena. I would also not rule out Austin or for WWE to use this to reintroduce Hogan into WWE. 

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