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Backstage News: Vince's Mentality Changing About Major Issue

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Vince McMahon

With ratings continuing to struggle and network numbers stagnant, Vince McMahon has been proposing some radical philosophical changes in regards to the booking of WWE. While WrestleMania booking would commonly be mapped out far in advance, with the card stacked with many of the year's biggest possible matches, McMahon believes that model may now be archaic due to the company's switch from a focus on pay-per-view to a subscription service instead.

Pointing to the way Netflix, HBO and others spread their top original content throughout the year in order to encourage customers to stay subscribed year round, McMahon is now toying with the idea of no longer trying to hold so much back for WrestleMania in favor of a more balanced year round calendar of major matches.

No Mercy and Hell in a Cell, which are typically considered B-level pay-per-view events are instead featuring WrestleMania level matches this year as an experiment to see if the company can spike new subscribers while also minimizing the larger turnover that usually takes place between SummerSlam and Royal Rumble.

While Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns is still penciled in for WrestleMania and The Undertaker would be under consideration to make it a triple threat if he chose to return, little else is being discussed for the next WrestleMania and the common edict that the main matches should be figured out by Survivor Series may not be followed this year. Those who have been asked in previous years in the fall to have WrestleMania ideas mapped out by Survivor Series have now been told to instead come up for ideas for big matches for every pay-per-view for the next six months.

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