Backstage News From WrestleMania 33

wm front set

-The timing of the show got interesting. When WWE timed out the whole show, they did not account for how long the ramp would take to get down. This caused the show to go almost 20 minutes over the already planned to go late show.

-Speaking of the ramp, after each match the wrestling only went back up the ramp for about 15-20 feet and then climbed down the side and walk to the back on the flat ground.

-The Hardys did get to the show a little late. The story behind this - as many people knew, or assumed they would be there - it was about keeping the background of them getting there a secret. The Hardys left the hotel and Broken Tailgate Party just after 7pm. Jeff had told people there he was going to put an ice pack on and rest while Matt quietly left and they took a car waiting across the street. When they arrived, a covered golf cart grabbed them and took them to the locker room.

-Fans inside the arena were dead by the time 9:30 hit. Doors opened at 3:30 with most waiting in line outside for an hour and most were there by noon. That means fans were in the arena for 6 hours at that point so by the time 11 pm hit imagine sitting in 94° for nearly 7 hours. The crowd did enjoy Brock vs. Goldberg later, however, after the Hardys pop not only was nothing close to that as big as that pop, it seemed every fan there that gave it their all had left for that and were spent.

-The only merchandise at the arena that sold out were WrestleMania 33 exclusive items and AJ Styles shirts.

-The maggots/worms/etc spooky magic Bray Wyatt did did not translate to the live crowd as no one understood what the hell was going on live so the crowd was dead for that one.

-As expected, fans hated on Roman Reigns, however, Goldberg got a heavy amount of booing.

Top Heel Heat




Top Face Pops

Hardys coming out

Hardys winning

Brock's 10 suplexes

Taker entrance

AJ entire match

-Pitbull and Flo Rida were heavily booed and most just used it for a bathroom break.

-When Undertaker came to the back he was given a standing ovation from everyone and most tearing up because he told everyone prior the show this is his last match.

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