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Backstage News On A WrestleMania Return, Shane McMahon And Daniel Bryan, Expected Title Changes


There are potential spoilers in this addition of premium for WrestleMania and Monday Night Raw after.

--The plan as of Thursday was for the returning Big Cass to enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. WWE may have him go by Cass or Colin Cassidy when he enters the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and is set to win the Battle Royal.

--As we discussed on WNW Premium two weeks ago, the Shane McMahon heel turn is still the current planned finish for WrestleMania. Bryan going heel was discussed,the angle would be that Bryan is bitter that Shane and the McMahon's wouldn't let him wrestle. The two major issues WWE had with this was that they did not want to lose the massive merchandise sales from a returning Bryan and the fact that a heel group of Bryan, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn would be cheered heavily.

--WWE has kept War Machine out of mainstream NXT not due to the fact that they need work, but more so that they want them to make a huge impact when they pull the trigger.

--As of today, one of the NXT titles will be changing hands on the Axxess shows Sunday morning. Officials feel to make these tournaments draw interest as well as be legitimate, that they need to change a title.

--This WrestleMania will have a record amount of new champions crowned.

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