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Who Was Originally Scheduled To Win Titles At Extreme Rules, Alternative Endings To John Cena/Ryback, Major WWE Name Against Instant Replay, Brock Lesnar's Next Feud

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Backstage news & notes from WWE Extreme Rules…

- The plan for Dean Ambrose to beat Kofi Kingston for the WWE United States Championship at Extreme Rules was put into motion when Dolph Ziggler was ruled out. The original plan was for Big E Langston to capture the secondary strap and AJ Lee to win the Divas Championship. When Ziggler couldn't go, they opted to go with the "all-gold" concept but with The Shield. As we've noted for months, the original plan was for the WWE Tag Team Championship to be defended by any combination of the three but now it looks like they're going to push Ambrose in singles.

- There was plenty talk backstage about Extreme Rules being the fourth pay-per-view they have put Ryback in the main event with no plan to strap him or give them an out. Other talked about finishes for the Last Man Standing Match for the WWE title included The Shield attacking both or even CM Punk getting involved. In fact, one finish discussed had John Cena chaining Ryback to the stage so he couldn't get up. One observer called the finish they went with "lazy."

- Triple H was reportedly against the instant replay bit they did for the false finish of Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio. The gimmick goes against everything and is completely counter to how heels are built. As I reported after the pay-per-view, instant replay is something some have been pushing to do for the past six months.

- Brock Lesnar going over Hunter at Extreme Rules was WWE doing the right thing a year later after one of the worst creative decisions in company history. We're told Triple H's promo on Raw that he cut on Paul Heyman about Lesnar having no value if he lost was a worked shoot. The fact of the matter is the company realized Lesnar had to go over if he was going to have any value for Wrestlemania XXX next year.

- Other feuds being talked about for Brock Lesnar include a revisit with John Cena and something with CM Punk. A program with Punk would obviously mean a babyface turn and probably won't happen in the next year.

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