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Backstage News: Is WWE Interest In Buying Impact Wrestling?

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Impact Wrestling's financial situation continues to be dire as the Fight Network itself has become totally strapped for cash. Anthem Sports head Ed Nordholm has considered it a mistake to have bought Impact Wrestling since just a few weeks after buying the company and has been exploring ways to unload Impact.

Nordholm recently reached out to WWE through an intermediary to gauge WWE's interest in buying Impact. Talks haven't gone anywhere yet, but from the WWE side of things, those close to Vince McMahon say he believes whatever Anthem's asking price would be now, it'd be much lower in a year and it would really have to be the bargain of a lifetime for him to be willing to bail them out right now.

However, the discussions the two sides have had is what has led to WWE paying modest licensing fees to use some of Impact's footage from their library. Ultimately Nordholm is angling for a buyout, but even if WWE is just stringing him along, he can't afford to turn down the small amounts that have been offered for the use of footage.

Zack Reacts: Impact is the business that will never die. While I don't doubt it is on life support, I'm currently in an "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality. I know WWE would be interested in the tape library for TNA/Impact because they'll be able to put it in and start mentioning the history for guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Broken Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and more. Also, never forget that while the company isn't technically working with Hulk Hogan, he was a big part of TNA for a time and WWE is going to want to put his whole career into a DVD set at some point. They'll do the same for guys like Sting.

As far as the actual company including the wrestlers and whatnot? I couldn't tell you if Vince would be interested or not. It'd be interesting to see what happens to guys who left WWE and went to Impact. Would they be fired again? I'd be interesting to see how it plays out. 

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