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Backstage News From WWE NXT TakeOver: R Evolution

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Backstage news from WWE NXT TakeOver: R Evolution...

- We’re told Kevin Owens did not break his nose off the stiff palm to the face from CJ Parker. As we reported here on Wrestling News World, Owens required stitches to the bridge of his nose. Parker didn’t come out unscathed, as Brooks mentioned, his palm was cut down to the bone. Some assumed Owens got color intentionally but that was the hardway. Owens’ debut was seen as a major success in the back.

- Speaking of attitudes in the back, the mood on Thursday night was one of positivity and high energy. By comparison, we’re told the atmosphere was “polar opposite” of what the main roster shows have been lately with a lot of negativity.

- The individual diverse entrances is an idea of Triple H and Jason Albert and is being done to differentiate the talent and bring a “big fight feel,” which is common for bouts in Japan. Finn Bálor’s entrance received rave reviews and he’s got everyone talking about him. We’re told officials are very high up on him and the excitement regarding his character is “through the roof.” Remember, Bálor is a prospect WWE coveted for quite some time but he didn’t want to be stuck down in developmental forever.

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