Backstage News on WWE Possibly Leaving USA Network, The Rock At WrestleMania, Who WWE is Keeping Their Eyes On, and NXT Plans Post WrestleMania


-There is news about WWE possibly switching networks.
While discussing term and numbers would be irresponsible at this moment, the front-runner to actually land WWE broadcasts and a rights deal is Fox. For almost one year we have discussed here on WNW Premium how FOX wanted to go after some exclusive live television rights. At this point, it is still very early, but WWE seems to have at least a bargaining chip in play as Fox would like to land a 3 year deal with WWE. As we discussed previously in terms of rights deals, WWE would like a larger term. However, I am told Fox's offer is lucrative enough in which WWE may agree on the shorter term. Keep in mind NBC Universal will likely also see the offer and then decide if they want to negotiate further into contract renewal discussions.

-Sides from WWE and The Rock's camp meeting this previous week to discuss a Wrestlemania deal, the money, and actual in-ring work. Unfortunately, at this time there is no update in regard to this situation, and at the time of writing WWE may move forward with their plan B and C options if they can not obtain The Rock for the show.

-As we noted earlier this week, Austin Theory not only had his try out but impressed some higher up WWE officials. However, due to his age, many officials want him to stay with Evolve to continue to mature and work on his in-ring style before signing him to an exclusive WWE deal.

-Make no bones about it WWE is looking hard at the contract of Marty Scrull, Marty who was actually working without a long-term ROH or NJPW contract towards the end of the summer seemingly resigned with the companies involved. What WWE has been digging on is if he is under a long-term deal to either side. Marty's name has been brought up many times before with WWE and the strongest towards the beginning of summer 2017 when they knew his deals would be expiring. Not only does WWE see him TV ready, they feel he will not need to change much of his style and that his character would get out. We will stay on top of this one.

-WWE is trying to restock NXT as best as possible due to the Mania call-ups. During these call-ups which typically happen on the Monday after Mania, this year's workers would include AOP, Sanity ( Who have been rumored to come up for almost a year) Johhny, and Strong. There is a possibility of Alamas however they feel he is just coming into his own.

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