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Is There Heat On CM Punk?, TNA Is Still Best Option For AJ Styles, Favorite To Win The Royal Rumble & Looking At Four Scenarios, Storyline Pitched For Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus At Wrestlemania, HBK Involved?, Updated Plans For Brock Lesnar, More Rumble Not

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- For those making a big deal about CM Punk appearing in the audience on-camera on UFC on Fox Saturday night as opposed to working one of the two WWE live events, it's of no use. Punk requested for the night off and it was granted. The first time he appeared in front of UFC TV cameras it was a big deal but now it's a situation where WWE doesn't make a big deal out of it at all.

- The position on AJ Styles within WWE is there's a lot of respect for his talent but he's still someone they would have to build "their way" at age 36. Styles is working the indies in hopes he raises his value and is able to get a better offer from TNA Wrestling. TNA still hopes to bring him back but it will be interesting to see if their offer increases now that they've signed The American Wolves and are very close with MVP.

- Onto Royal Rumble notes, it's the first step towards Wrestlemania XXX storylines and the next to last pay-per-view under the traditional WWE model. Batista is considered the favorite to win the Rumble match but as I've stated on numerous occasions, this is common sense based on his long-awaited return to the company. The company could opt to go in a different direction but based on the 20 announced entrants, Batista is the safest bet. There are arguments for up and coming workers like Big E Langston or Roman Reigns or for CM Punk, who is entering number one. The swerve many are hoping for is Daniel Bryan.

- Speaking of which, Bryan worked Saturday night against Bray Wyatt to give him a chance to brush off ring rust ahead of the singles match on pay-per-view. This is a program WWE is looking to blowoff before Wrestlemania. The creative team has been looking for something to reintroduce Sheamus with and one of the things that recently came up was to have Bryan seek redemption against a guy that's beat him on the show twice in the past three years. Shawn Michaels is currently not in the plans for Wrestlemania.

- Randy Orton is the favorite in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Royal Rumble against John Cena, based on the direction of proposed Wrestlemania plans. However, regardless of the outcome, the program that was used to unify the titles will be blown off before the show in April.

- Brock Lesnar is once again the favorite to challenge for "the streak" against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX. If Undertaker has signed off on the bout, which was long considered to be a "lock," before he was considered to be having second thoughts, there's no way Big Show could go over Lesnar at Royal Rumble. WWE realizes the quandary they're in as a result of bad booking but Lesnar will be in a top-level match at Wrestlemania.

- The New Age Outlaws are the favorites to win the WWE Tag Team Championship against Cody Rhodes & Goldust based on betting odds. Logical speculation would suggest to tease dissension between Rhodes and Goldust and do a singles program at Wrestlemania but it's something Goldust has backed off in recent weeks. Regardless, Goldust continues to get a tremendous amount of praise for his work and is credited for keeping his body in shape and "answering the call" when given a big opportunity.

- The biggest complaint regarding the proposed Wrestlemania XXX lineup is the lack of long-term planning. I spoke with a source last week that said they couldn't remember the last time things were so much up in the air. Vince McMahon is a guy that likes to have Wrestlemania plans ironed out several months in advance but this year it just hasn't happened. This year's show is particularly important, as WWE will use it as the main reason for people to subscribe to the WWE Network.

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