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Why Cena Buried Wyatt, WWE Interested In Another TNA Star, Backstage News From Raw

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Backstage News from Monday Night Raw in Anaheim, CA…

- The reaction to John Cena burying Bray Wyatt on this week's show was that it was poorly thought out and short minded. However, the issue was there was no one else for Cena to go after. Randy Orton wasn't going to do it and Kane was already involved with Roman Reigns. The thinking behind Wyatt was there was a backstory (but couldn't there have been another way?). The bigger cause for concern is the lack of depth on both the babyface and heel side, especially when it comes to main event talent. One source said it was a huge issue with Vince McMahon right now and he feels they are not building main event talent fast enough.

- The decision to turn Goldust and Stardust heel wasn't part of some elaborate plan. We're told it came up over the course of the last couple of weeks.

- Jeff Hardy is a name currently working for TNA Wrestling that could garner WWE attention when his contract comes up next year. This has nothing to do with the Beyond the Ring special airing on the WWE Network air this week or even the lack of star power. We're told there is casual interest based on how he has cleaned his life up and stayed out of trouble. Jeff made headlines this summer for admitting he wants to finish his career in WWE.

- Brie Bella was iced up after her in-ring confrontation with Nikki. Their work together has been intentionally stiff as they want it to come off as realistic as possible. Given the fact they're sisters, especially twin sisters, they're able to do things to one another they wouldn't be able to do to anyone else.

- One problem that was brought up regarding storylines overlapping or new ones starting before others are finished, we're told it's the result of no one looking into the fine details and as a result, stuff intersects. One example of this was Jack Swagger/Bo Dallas as that should have been held for next week.

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