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Mounting Concern About Roman Reigns, Big WWE Return, Creative Disconnect Remains

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Baltimore, MD…

- Roman Reigns still remains in good standing amongst company officials, however, there is mounting concern that he's not over enough. The concern stems from the way the crowd is reacting to him and it's even furthered their strategy to carefully book him going forward. Reigns is still seen as one of the leading up and comers for a major push heading into Wrestlemania 31 next year.

- WWE used NXT talent on this week's television to obviously promote Thursday's Takeover: Fatal 4-Way show, however, they also wanted to get them some exposure to the main television audience. The Ascension were called up on Tuesday night, something we've been reporting as imminent for weeks now.

- The script re-writes that were so prevalent prior to last week's Labor Day Raw weren't as prevalent this week. We're told the script was finalized before the weekend, however, a clear disconnect in the writing remained. Specifics mentioned to me included two "off the cage splashes" and Randy Orton attacking Chris Jericho out of nowhere (which of course will setup the seemingly impromptu match at Night of Champions). Dean Ambrose is due back in the next couple of weeks and there is no clear direction on how they plan to reintroduce him.

- KENTA isn't expected to stay in NXT for long. Company officials already feel he has the appeal and interest to be a main roster guy, they just want to make sure he's ready for the WWE style. As we've seen countless examples of, the transition is not automatic.

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