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Survivor Series Buzz, Cesaro Buried, Future Of The Authority, More Backstage News

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Buffalo…

- If a determination regarding Randy Orton’s status for Survivor Series was made on Monday night, we didn’t hear about it. Orton is expected to be off for approximately one month to film his role as a former bounty hunter in The Condemned 2. Obviously under that timetable he would be considered doubtful for Survivor Series if it weren’t for current circumstances of the company being light on top talent, in Orton’s hometown at the time when they are turning him baby(ish) and the underlying issues between him and Rollins. The company clearly plans to program Orton vs. Seth Rollins once Orton is back full-time.

- We reported on October 27, 2014 here on Premium that Cesaro DID NOT have heat for his comment about John Cena vs. Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell. His booking on Raw has some people not questioning that as the feeling is the roster is short on heels and Cesaro is primed to make an impact. Cesaro was put through WWE’s concussion protocol after taking the five staples to the head but was cleared.

- WWE realizes their World Heavyweight Championship is being forgotten and they are looking for ways to highlight it without Brock Lesnar appearing live. I’m told ideas pitched including airing a pre-tape of Lesnar with the title in the gym or bringing Paul Heyman in for a promo.

- The feeling on Monday was that it was a "definite" that Team Cena would go over at Survivor Series. The first reason was to keep Cena strong for his “rubber match” against Brock Lesnar and the second reason having to due with changes to The Authority storyline. Obviously Vince McMahon made the call to bring his character back but with the stipulation he added to the match, most see an inevitable change to the faction’s dominance. There were also some rumblings that Stephanie McMahon could be in the process of being written off television.

- We’re told Triple H sees Seth Rollins as one of the company’s top heels and has drawn a comparison to Edge. Hunter thinks he has similar delivery, in-ring look and style but an event better version. Triple H was never Edge’s biggest fan and most of that was seen as personal. However, Vince McMahon is also high up on Rollins for paying his due and his likable personality backstage. Vince does have concerns with his size but the rocket pack is on.

- There are conflicting reports about the re-debut of Xavier Woods. Some felt the promo that’s now airing on TV is for him to re-debut in singles, while others are saying it’s how WWE plans to bring the faction also featuring Kofi Kingston and Big E to television. Regardless, Woods is getting an opportunity.

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