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CM Punk STILL An Issue For WWE, Why Vince McMahon Got Upset At Raw, Backstage Atmosphere w/Shane Back & More

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- The chants for “CM Punk” were so loud at last night’s Raw that WWE turned the crowd mics all the way down during Shane McMahon’s opening segment. When Vince McMahon came out, the mics were turned back up for the heat and we all heard the result.

- Vince McMahon screamed at the producers to get into Michael Cole’s ear after Lana hit the “carpet eater” (sit-down face plant) on Brie Bella. Cole didn’t pick up on the fact it was Brie’s move. Vince didn’t have a headset on but he was listening to the show audio. He wasn’t happy that no one picked up on it, even Triple H, who was wearing a headset.

- Vince was very happy with the reaction to Sami Zayn and is high up on his work. It’s huge for Sami, considering how Vince views stars of smaller stature but the booking of Sami says it all. He may never be a main event star in WWE but enough for Vince to put him directly into a meaningful feud speaks volumes. The program with Kevin Owens could lead to a multiple man match and maybe even a ladder.

- Triple H and Vince McMahon have a disagreement over Brock Lesnar. Vince feels with all the money they are paying him that he should be main eventing Wrestlemania 32 but is concerned the match against Dean Ambrose won’t be big enough. He wants more star power to oppose Lesnar and wanted to do whatever it took to get The Rock on the card. I don’t even know if Vince is sold on Roman Reigns at this point.

- The backstage environment was different at Raw this week. Shane McMahon greeted talent and gave some positive motivation but largely stayed by Vince’s side, watching some of the newer things they do since he left back in 2010.

- As you for sure know by now, The Big House lost out on Wrestlemania 33. We heard and reported it was likely out and it all came down to money. Orlando won out as they aggressively courted the event, as we noted, and are even looking to secure the event once every decade.

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