Shield Member Gets Medical Treatment, Total Diva Put Over For Improvement, HBK More Open To Returning?, The Raw Match Outcome That No One Understood, Why AJ Lee Wasn't Humbled, Concern Regarding The Health Of A Major WWE Star, Alberto Del Rio Concussion U

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The Shield

Backstage news and notes from Monday Night Raw in Dallas, Texas…

- Dean Ambrose received treatment backstage to have his face closed up after being busted open in the six-man tag team match.

- Brie Bella was given props for the noticeable improvement with her in-ring work. One observer pointed to the bumps she took and commented that it was obvious she had been working with Daniel Bryan.

- Shawn Michaels is reportedly more interested today than he has been previously about possibly working another match. The seed was planted with a surprise appearance on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

- No one backstage understood the logic of having Roman Reigns pin CM Punk in the six-man tag match the night after Punk had beaten all three in a handicap match.

- To kill a dead horse, we're told Vince McMahon is a "huge" supporter of AJ Lee and was largely behind the immediate protection of her. This is why there were no repercussions at WWE TLC or on Monday Night Raw for the incident with Michelle Beadle. WWE more or less just wanted fans to stop talking about it.

- There continues to be concern surrounding the health of Rey Mysterio. We're told he was limping around again and some feel he came back too soon.

- Alberto Del Rio remains out with a concussion that he suffered last week during a match with Sin Cara. Del Rio must pass an Impact concussion test before receiving clearance to return to the ring.

- Randy Orton was "given a little grief" backstage for constantly checking his tooth in the Raw main event as opposed to selling Daniel Bryan's offense.

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