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Why Raw Was So Bad, Altering Cena/Lesnar, WWE Blindsided By Obvious Reaction, Backstage News From This Week's Show

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Des Moines, Iowa…

- There were as many as six show re-writes from Saturday to Monday. We're told it wasn't just a few talking segments but complete re-writes. Logic was "out the window" and the atmosphere in the back showed it. Workers didn't even seen the big board until just over an hour from going live on the USA Network.

- The issues were blamed on writers not communicating with other writers and constant indecision between Vince McMahon and Triple H. Hunter wanted to tease a change to John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar in the opening segment but Vince hated it. However, they went with it and it came across bad on television and was clarified in Wednesday's kayfabe Michael Cole interview. They're doing Lesnar vs. Cena at Night of Champions and every other segment reaffirmed that, which is why the opening segment came off as so illogically out of place.

- WWE wasn't expecting Seth Rollins to generate such a pop in his hometown and they had nothing to combat it and while they tried to talk over it on commentary, it was simply overlooked.

- Rosa Mendes was criticized for her in-ring work, as she's only being featured due to her inclusion as a cast member in Season 3 of Total Divas. The Total Divas promotion is seen as the culprit for much of what the company is doing with the females right now including the horrendous Bella Twins program.

- One observer couldn't stop talking about WWE's lack of talent at the top of the card. While CM Punk has been gone for nearly eight months, the company is still feeling the effects. Daniel Bryan being out has only made matters worse and as I've previously reported, it's become a major concern for Vince McMahon.

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