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Lesnar "Fight Ready," McMahon's View Of UFC, Wellness Testing, Tons Of Backstage News

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Backstage news from Monday Night Raw in Detroit…

- There was a lot of talk about how lean Brock Lesnar looked, leaving people to speculate that his future isn’t with WWE. While Lesnar has looked leaner and more “fight ready” for a good portion of the year, the feeling backstage was that his body has clearly changed. It’s unknown at this point what is going to happen with Brock, as we’ve already detailed that Bellator MMA figures to join WWE and UFC in pursuit of his services. Observers are quick to point out Brock is more about the challenge than he is the money and that if he doesn’t re-sign with WWE, UFC will have the advantage over Bellator (which was a similar situation with CM Punk).

- We weren’t the only ones to point out the ridiculousness of Brock Lesnar not having the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt with him in his first segment with Chris Jericho and Paul Heyman. People backstage were critical and I’m still unclear if he wasn’t scripted to bring the title out with him (because he was coming out for a run-in) or if it was forgotten. We’re told the emphasis on the title belt the second time he came out was intentional.

- For those wondering if Vince McMahon views UFC differently now that they’ve signed CM Punk and could be in play for Brock Lesnar, he doesn’t. Vince still doesn’t view UFC as competition because he feels fighters lose their drawability once they start losing whereas in WWE the outcomes are controlled. JBL made mention of Lesnar as a former UFC heavyweight champion on Raw, further reenforcing this viewpoint.

- A lot of discussion continues to take place about the potential lineup for Wrestlemania 31. There are multiple factors in play, all with significant influence not only on the card but how it will be booked. The Rock is considered doubtful but not out. Sting is considered a lock but his opponent is in question. The Undertaker is questionable but his opponent hasn’t been decided upon. Daniel Bryan is someone WWE really hopes to have back but they don’t have any update to suggest that. Seth Rollins continues to be mentioned in prominent booking scenarios. Brock Lesnar is a lock but we’ve already detailed the issues surrounding his booking.

- Big Show is scheduled for further evaluation after either injuring his hip/groin or aggravating something that has been lingering at WWE TLC on Sunday. He worked on Raw and felt good to go but we’re told he’s been in some pain.

- Vince McMahon desperately wants a top babyface Diva. With AJ Lee’s future in question, Charlotte could be the beneficiary. Company officials love Natalya and her role in helping to develop up and coming Divas but Vince doesn’t see her as the top babyface Diva.

- We noted on Tuesday that Jimmy Jacobs worked as one of the Rosebuds for Adam Rose. He’s from the west side of Michigan and got the call to work as an extra. He is looking to get another tryout with WWE and we’re told Seth Rollins has pushed for it. They were tag team partners for the short-lived Wrestling Society X several years back. Jacobs is described as a “super versatile” prospect and given how well recent developmental workers have done from the indies and Ring of Honor, he should get another look.

- Chris Jericho will continue to work for WWE as his schedule allows. There was no hurry to throw him into a program because there really isn’t anyone to program him with right now.

- Dolph Ziggler is working banged up and it was noticeable when he was walking around the backstage area on Monday. He will not be taking time off and wants this title reign to really help elevate the value of the Intercontinental Championship.

- WWE conducted a round of Wellness testing this week but I do not have specifics at press time.

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